Process Post Week 9

Everything we do online results in data and our data is everywhere out there. Whether it is a post we retweeted or random website we clicked on, all of our data is being collected and used. Our data will always be out there and there is almost nothing we can do to stop it unless we fully distance ourselves from the internet. Personally at this point I’ve stopped worrying about my data that is out in the world. There is nothing for me to worry about, as I have nothing to hide that could hurt me. Sure we lose our privacy with these big companies having access to all of our data but it is the price we pay to be on the internet. In some ways it is nice that they have data on us. For example, with Google collecting data on what websites we visit and what posts we like, it helps the experience of ads we see. I would rather see an ad for something I’m interested in on a video or website rather than some random ad that I have no interest in. I am causeist in what I post online and the websites I visit so there is no data out there on me that I don’t want but I don’t let that control my life. I can’t say I’ve thrown in the towel and I’m allowing anyone on the internet free range of my data but as long as I have nothing to hide I don’t really care if someone uses my data if its in a harmless way.


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